Let us be your painkiller

We take care of your issues, you enjoy life

We genuinely want to make you happy

Happy people pay better

Our advice is GMO free

We are intolerant to artificial solutions

Business suits don’t make people smarter

Сontent always prevails

We are strict on KYC

But we don’t turn it into a nightmare

Laws can be unfair

But we respect them because we like good sleep

Honesty is our DNA

If your idea is absurd, we tell you so

Like any human, we might make mistakes

But we are not afraid to admit them

Disclaimers matter

But not when they make opinion worthless

Your problems may seem big

But our creativity to solve them is even bigger

Advice on paper must work in the real world

Otherwise trees died in vain

As any advisor, we parasite on clients

Important is to bring them value


Structure health check

International tax structuring

Holistic tax advisory

Contract drafting

Mergers and acquisitions

Implementation of solutions

Deal negotiations

Escrow agent services

IP registrations and transactions

Asset protection

Identification of ownership risks

Elaboration of asset protection strategy

Selection and setup of trusts, foundations or other vehicles

Protector services

KYC due diligence & client background checks

Support with compliance and anti-money laundering procedures

Relocations & new passports

Comparison and selection of optimal jurisdictions

Modeling of effective tax costs

Optimization of exit & entry tax issues

Choice of required investments

Support with application process

Ongoing tax support

Personal matters

Income taxation

Wealth taxation

Tax planning for bankable assets

CFC accounting and taxation

Elimination of multiple taxation

Statutory notifications & currency control compliance

Personal tax filings

Voluntary disclosures & tax amnesties


Analysis of family situation

Definition of succession strategies

Customization of inheritance instruments

Practical implementation & ongoing support

Private real estate

Planning of purchase, construction, use & disposal

Selection of objects for rent or purchase

Comprehensive deal support

Private aircrafts & yachts

Optimal structures for purchase, building, use & disposal

VAT structuring & customs issues

Comprehensive deal support

Selection of vessels for rent or purchase

Family governance

Definition of family values, roles and goals

Design management models for family assets

Drafting of family constitution

Intermediation of family conflicts

Sergey Bezborodov

+41 79 794 48 99 sergey.bezborodov@angles.ag WhatsApp: +41 79 794 48 99 Telegram: @Sergey_Bezborodov Skype: sergey_bezborodov

Since 2003, I advise entrepreneurs, families and privately held companies on their domestic and international tax matters, help manage personal and business risks, resolve complex problems, and find unconventional solutions. I am well-equipped with understanding and practical experience on CFC rules, trusts, IFRS, corporate reorganizations, M&A, financial instruments, IPO, and family office setups. My “native” territories are Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but I also have experience with clients in China and Turkey. You can also count on my tax skills in other jurisdictions such as Switzerland, the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.

I hold an Adv LLM degree in International Tax Law (Leiden University), and a bachelor degree in finance and accounting (KIMEP, Kazakhstan). In July 2019, I left PwC Switzerland partnership to establish Angles, a boutique advisory firm working exclusively with private clients.


I am trying to keep a healthy work/life balance and stay away from business outside normal working hours. So you would rarely reach me on weekends and holidays because I spend this time with my beloved family - my wife and son.

In my younger years, I was singing in a rock band, playing lead guitar, piano, and composing music (progressive rock and heavy metal). I am still a passionate singer and am constantly working to develop my vocal range from baritone to tenor, and attempting both rock and opera. When passing by my home you might also hear some heavy guitar riffs and fast soloing.


Serhii Moliboh

+41 79 959 00 41 serhii.moliboh@angles.ag WhatsApp: +41 79 959 00 41 Telegram: @Serhii_Moliboh Skype: serhiy.moliboh

Since 2003, I am developing my professional skills in different areas of civil law (Baker & McKenzie), international taxation (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC) and general business management (country manager of BDO Legal in 2009-2012). Certified as the attorney-at-law in Ukraine. I speak fluent Ukrainian, Russian and English, as well as basic German.

My professional expertise is strengthened by diplomas of Master of Law (Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University), MBA (Steinbeis University Berlin), LLM (University of London) and ADIT (UK Chartered Institute of Taxation), as well as other professional certificates. Following almost six years in the international private clients team of PwC Switzerland, I joined Angles as a partner in October 2019.


I genuinely believe that life is too short to waste it for routine! My personal calling is continuous development, as well as making this world a little better and the people around me a little happier.

I am a happy father and husband, and have a wide range of hobbies, such as collecting music and cartoons, writing books (in particular, on self-development), photography and lots of other things.

An important part of my life is sport, that I can't imagine myself without. Football, triathlon, paragliding, rock climbing, volleyball, badminton, tennis, snowboarding, auto racing and chess are just a small part of my passion.